Bone Broth: Ideal Fast Food For Your Baby

Bone broth is a soup that’s made from, chicken, beef, goat or fish bones and water. Vegetables like carrot, zucchini or celery can be added to the bone broth. This soup is mostly spiced with pepper, garlic, cumin or ginger. Bone broth is rich in minerals, nutrients, and vitamins unlike any other food in the market. Nutrients like collagen and gelatin are not found in any other food/soup apart from bone broth. These nutrients are very important for your baby.  You can find more information about bone broth for babies at Practics.org/Bone-Broth

Bone Broth For Babies and Its Benefits

Bone broth has become the favorite fast foods for most mothers. It is used as food for babies as young as 4 months old. This is a trend that has been there since the ancient times. Bone broth can be cooked between 6-48 hours in order to attain all the needed nutrients and minerals from the bones. However, with the latest technologies being introduced in the market, bone broth can be cooked in a pressure cooker for as little as two hours. So what makes it the best food for babies?

Easy to digest: The digestive systems of young babies are still developing which makes it difficult for them to digest most foods that we eat. A baby should be fed with fast foods that are rich in nutrients and minerals like iron. Such minerals cannot be found in breastfeeding alone. This is where bone broth comes to place, this food is rich in nutrients that are easy for your baby to digest.

Prebiotic: One of the reasons why your baby should be taking probiotics like kefir or yogurt is that the flora in baby’s gut hasn’t yet been established or developed. Bone broth is considered as the ideal pre-biotic. This means that good flora in the baby’s gut will use to multiply the lower intestines.

Nutrient-dense: We all know it’s not easy to feed a baby. They’re fussy eaters and cannot take more than 5 spoons of solid food. Some of these foods do not have sufficient nutrients that the baby needs. Nothing is reassuring to a mother than this soup. It is filled with all the necessary nutrients and calories, plus it is very delicious; your baby will absolutely like it.


As with any “new” food, your baby may possibly reject taking it during the first try. But don’t give up, after a few tries the baby will start accepting it. Do not add too much salt or spices like pepper or ginger as they can be harmful to your child’s health. Always consult a physician about anything you do for you and your baby.  For more information on bone broth you can visit http://www.practics.org/bone-broth-for-babies.